Each of us involved in Takes A Village has our own unique and evolving style of parenting . What we share is the belief that there is no one 'right' way to do this parenting thing, but that by getting the best quality, evidence-based information, practical skills and confidence, every family can make the right decisions for them.

We believe that families are teams that work best together by valuing every member. We believe that parents are powerful and are even more so in numbers. We believe in knowing our neighbours and being there for each other. We believe in the value every generation has to offer. We believe that even the most sleep-deprived, maddening or boring days can be made miraculously better with tea and empathy.

No Judgment.

Buggies or slings? Boob or bottle? Baby led or puree? Dummies or not? Working at the office or at home?  Your call. We understand that decisions aren't always black and white, and we believe in building your confidence, not judging your choices.

If you are with us, and you or your baby are having a rough day, we are there for you and with you.

You're the parent here, and you and your baby are doing great.